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This is a comeback store 25 years in the making…

Since 1985, Herbert Mederer and his team understood the U.S. demand for gummi candies.  American soldiers discovered his tasty treats while stationed in Europe.  Upon returning home, these soldiers would search for the same beloved gummies they had enjoyed while in Germany.  By July 1986, Herbert Mederer had started production of this Trolli gummi candies in Creston, IA and the gummi invasion into America began.  While the North American distribution rights were later sold in 1997 to expand the Mederer Group’s International facilities, it has always been our goal to reestablish ourselves in America.  Now, we offer you a new brand of everyday gummi candy from Europe that is familiar, with an innovative twist.

It’s time to enjoy Herbert’s Best!

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about us pic

Our Owner

Herbert Mederer, the second-generation owner of The Mederer Group, has brought innovation to the gummi segment worldwide for more than four decades. While the company was founded in 1948, Herbert did not begin to work in the family-owned business until the mid-1970’s.  In 1984, he officially took over as acting-owner and was recognized for his achievements in 1993 with the Candy Kettle Award in 1993.  In 2003, he achieved a career milestone by being inducted into the Candy Hall of Fame in 2003.  

Our Company


Mederer of North America Inc. evolved from its humble beginnings as a small sales office named Marketing and Sales Essentials in 2003 to become the North American subsidiary that is living the company philosophy of the Mederer Group: To offer outstanding product quality based on high end quality ingredients and flavors in combination with innovative product concepts.

Today the Mederer Group, headquartered in Furth, Germany, distributes to more than 80 countries globally from its four manufacturing plants in Germany, Spain, and China and through facilities in the United States, France, and Singapore.